Whatever your vision for your space, we have the ability to turn that vision into reality. From tee lines to playgrounds to indoor sports fields, your project can be done right, with the latest and most proven installation techniques and the highest-quality materials available. There are nine main categories of applications for our products. For more information, click on the link to the category that fits your needs. Once you’ve reviewed the options, take the next step and contact GrassTex to talk about using our team to help you make that vision real.

GrassTex continues to offer the Hi-Tech turf system. The system incorporates cutting edge polyethylene fibrillated fiber, nylon thatch and a new and improved polyurethane backing system—Silverback™—in its Arena Turf designs. Now golf, football, baseball, and landscape turf can benefit from the increased durability of our Hi-Tech backing system.

Agility/Sports Training

From start to finish, we do athletic fields, including logos. We manufacture the safest, highest quality synthetic turf in the world, making it easy for you to create the field you want! See what you can create today.

Installation Options

Though parts of an athletic field can be do-it-yourself, a professional will be needed for most applications


Give yourself the edge to get to Cooperstown. GrassTex fields help you refine your game; nothing holds you back from being your best.

Installation Options

Batting cages and indoor training facilities are do-it-yourself installations. Professional installation is needed for full fields.

Golf & Putting Greens

An accessible, authentic experience begins here. We can create tee lines, teaching facilities, backyard settings, par 3 and full size courses. Check out what you could have waiting for you.

Installation Options

If your green is over a certain size, precision work for the slopes and undulations is required. Call for more information about installation.

Indoor Sports

What can you dream, we can do. Our turf can be used to create any time of indoor green area that you can imagine.

Installation Options

The size of your facility will determine wether it is a do-it-yourself or professional installation, contact us for more information.


With our artificial turf, we’ve created some of the safest playgrounds on the planet. Let kids enjoy themselves in a safer, low-maintenance alternative to natural grass.

Installation Options

Due to GrassTex commitment to safety, professional installation is required.

Specialty Sports

As the leading turf manufacturer, we have the expertise and resources to create any type of ports field you can think of.

Installation Options

Almost all bocce ball courts are do-it-yourself projects. Croquet and tennis courts require professional installation.


GrassTex is the one stop shop for all your tradeshow booth flooring needs. Whatever the size or display, we have the skills to make your project come to life. With a 21 year history of building booths, we also specialize in incorporating intricate logos into the floor designs.

Installation Options

You can buy the raw materials and build the booth yourself OR we can precut & pre-seam it here.