GrassTex Introduces ArmorLoc™ 3L

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Recently GrassTex has come out with a superior backing like no other. Primary backing plays a vital role in the overall design of an artificial turf system. ArmorLoc™ 3L is non-directional, dimensionally stable and ensures no excess movement. Combined, ArmorLoc™ 3L with Silverback™ urethane coating and specialized yarns work together binding the DNA of all three components creating a thermoset bond.

Unmatched Strength-

ArmorLok™ 3L has an extremely high tear strength. This strength provides the necessary proprieties that reduce the incidence of a rip or a tear in the product. This is due to the woven layers all working together like … Read more »

GrassTex Introduces a Brand new Product for 2018- Coastal Cut

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We have been asking our dealers all over the country for advice, we gathered a ton of info… we needed the following product:

Non-infill product, safe for Pets and Children  

Natural looking and soft to the touch

Short profile creates ideal product for non-infill, which will also save money and time on install

Priced just right for most budgets


In response, we have worked with our team to create a brand new product to meet the needs of our customers. Coastal Cut meets a great need that customers across the country have been asking for, for years. They … Read more »

GrassTex Is Perfect for Your Yard!

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As warmer weather slowly approaches, we begin to dream of our lawns how we plan to use them in the spring, summer and fall. We think of warmer weather and green grass with the hopes of spending unlimited amounts of time outside. Yet when the ice thaws and the snow melts, we don’t have a beautiful lawn to enjoy, we have mud, dirt, bugs and dead grass. GrassTex can help with that. With synthetic turf, there are no dead spots, no mud and less maintenance.

Whatever your vision for your space, we have the ability to turn that vision into reality. … Read more »

Featured Install by Replicated Grass Systems

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Recently, Replicated Grass Systems of Hayward CA installed 7000 sf. of GrassTex PIllusion at the newly built America Center office complex in San Jose, California. This installation will would serve as an all-purpose play area/concert seating area between two modern office buildings. This particular installation was different in that the architect had also designed the upper portion of the grass area to serve as a fire lane. Knowing this, the staff at Grass Tex recommended that this Illusion be made using our 3mm thick, polyurethane backing system. The benefit being that the tufts of fiber in the grass product would … Read more »

Happy Holidays From GrassTex!

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As the holiday season approaches and the New Year draws near once again you may be wondering what to get that special person in your life.  Well GrassTex is here to tell you, give them the gift that keeps on giving.


When homeowners have synthetic turf, they not only have a beautiful lawn year round, they have less to worry about with lawn maintenance.


Synthetic turf installs can be as simple as a small DIY project or large enough to need one of our experienced installers. Whatever your need, GrassTex can help you get the lawn of your dreams.


Synthetic turf requires very … Read more »

Featured Install in Union City, California

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This recent residential GrassTex install was located in Union City, California. Union City was incorporated in 1959, they ,maintain their small-town feel while living in the center of the Bay Area, with San Francisco and Silicon Valley just minutes away. They have grown into an ethnically diverse community of about 70,000 residents, and their highly regarded New Haven Unified School District serves about 13,000 K-12 students.

With eighteen square miles in area, the community offers a variety of housing, with affordable and upscale homes available in many charming neighborhoods throughout the city.

Choosing to install 1100 sq. … Read more »

Featured Product Installation by Turf Supply USA

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Turf Supply USA located in Houston, TX provided this featured GrassTex product install recently. The homeowners needed a functional space that could handle entertaining guests and heavy traffic. They had an outdoor patio that they were having difficulty maintaining and a walkway with pavers that needed some updating. Turf Supply USA worked with them and provided a perfect solution using GrassTex La Jolla. Turf Supply is always providing high quality installs showcasing GrassTex products and it is a pleasure working with them.

La Jolla is an excellent landscape product that offers thatch, which provides added body, reducing the amount of infill … Read more »

Need Synthetic Turf Information

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We know at times it can be difficult to find the information you need exactly when you need it. That is why GrassTex does everything we can to provide our customers with everything they could possibly need for their projects. We provide care and maintenance manuals, indoor guides, landscape guides and product specifications.

If you are curious on how to install your synthetic turf, indoors or out then we have the tools to help you be successful. We provide a systematic guide based on the installation area for your turf. It is just like installing carpet. You put together seams and … Read more »

Project Photography is the Key to Success

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Pictures are worth a thousand words.

That is a saying we have all heard. No matter the subject of the picture, it says something. Ideally, that would be something good, but what if the quality is poor, what does the image say then?

GrassTex loves to feature product installs and recent projects from our customers and dealers on our social media and blog. One of the main attractions of our blogs where we feature our products and projects are the images that go along with the description of the installs.

However, a common problem we have is getting images that are decent. They … Read more »

GrassTex Featured Install Arena Pro

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This recent GrassTex install from Flooring Resource Group in California featured our Arena Pro product installed at anew Powerhouse Gym located in Redwood City, CA.


The install contained 1000 square feet of turf and the installer even receive a free yearlong membership at the gym after project completion. GrassTex’s Arena Pro has many features and benefits not limited to the following:

Perfect for training
High performance quality
Reacts naturally
Improved durability and safety
Helps create multipurpose facilities
Virtually maintenance free
Clean and can be cleaned easily
Consistent performance over time and use

This non-rubber infilled turf has all the advantages of previous generations and perform even higher in … Read more »