Preparing for Summer with GrassTex

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Springtime is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite GrassTex products for the summer. As many of you know, summer is one of our busiest times of the year and therefore it can take longer than normal to get orders out.

Lead Times

During this busy season, we will be observing 48-hour lead times on all in stock orders, meaning, you should expect any orders entered to ship within 2 business days.  Now, it is entirely possible, and even likely, that orders will ship much sooner.  Still, it should be the expectation over the next 60 days that all … Read more »

GrassTex Illusion Turf is More Versatile Than You Think

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Often time’s customers do not realize that GrassTex turf can be used for various applications. For example, our Illusion is perfect for playground installs as we demonstrated in our last blog. Now in this blog we focus on rooftop and landscape installations. Illusion is such a versatile product it works in almost any application.

In the pictured rooftop application, the installers mixed live plant life with the synthetic turf and brought a barren rooftop to life filled with greenery.

In the pictured landscape amphitheater, application it is easy to see that synthetic turf can be used for more than residential installs. It … Read more »

Illusion Installs in California

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Flooring Resource Group recently installed a few of GrassTex Illusion projects out in California.  Both Illusion installs include 2.125” thick pad below and were installed at Hillsdale High School and San Miguel Elementary School in Sunnyvale CA.

About Illusion

This is a lush landscape product that offers thatch, which provides added body, reducing the amount of infill needed. The four color blend of this surface provides a truly authentic look and feel that resembles a natural lawn. This product can be used for landscapes, pet areas, fringes, and much more. This product can be installed indoors or outdoors on concrete or a … Read more »

Product Feature Arena Pro by Flooring Resource Group

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FRG installed our Arena Pro on an 8mm cushion over crushed rock base in Santa Clara, California in December 2016.

You can view this installation at the America Center Santa Clara.

The project totaled 5000sf with white and yellow lines cut in on site.

Lines and hash marks are always available as a DIY or they can be fabricated in the turf if requested.

About Arena Pro

This non-rubber infilled turf has all the advantages of previous generations and performs even better in wear and resistance tests. Our blend of nylon and polyethylene is an almost perfect 50/50 combination, resulting in the true ball roll … Read more »

Featured Product AT740, Mind Right Performance

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The goal: A first class training facility for strength, speed and agility workouts.

This week’s featured product is an amazing AT740 install by SPEC Athletic in Plainfield, IL. The facility owner is Chase Emnott. He is the strength coach at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI. Our installer had this to say regarding the project: “The decision to go loose-laid with Velcro was to minimize prep, and to give him more options in the future to move, remove, or change the layout of his turf area.”

This non-rubber infilled turf has all the advantages of previous generations and perform … Read more »

Featured Product: La Jolla in Pompano Beach, Florida

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The Challenge: Something special, something spectacular, something affordable.

This week’s featured product is a gorgeous La Jolla install by Superb Synthetic Turf, Inc. Our dealer had this to say about the install:

This amazing intra-coastal setting in Pompano Beach Florida cried out for a beautiful backyard. Lucinda and her husband were there to stay. Lucinda, a successful local realtor, recognized the value of referrals and found her GC, her pool designer/builder and her synthetic turf provider through referrals. It turned out that we all had known each other for years and had worked together before.

“I have a budget but this is … Read more »

GrassTex Becomes a Preferred Supplier for Fuse Alliance

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Earlier this month GrassTex joined forces with Fuse Alliance as a preferred supplier, for the Member-owned organization of professional, commercial flooring contractors.

“We are thrilled to have GrassTex, the industry leader in synthetic turf, as our newest supplier.  The advances in turf over the last few years coupled with its environmental aspects make it a viable product category that our members believe we can embrace and help grow” said Geoff Gordon, executive director for Fuse Alliance.

GrassTex offers a Hi-Tech turf system, which incorporates innovative polyethylene in its Arena Turf designs. A complete collection of GrassTex turf products will be available to … Read more »

Landscape Your Yard With GrassTex!

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As many may know, GrassTex has turf for just about every application but one that stands out with most is our athletic application.

Whatever your vision for your space, we have the ability to turn that vision into reality. From simple lawn applications to large expansive backyards that include pools and putting greens,  we the latest and most proven installation techniques and the highest-quality materials available to help create your dream lawn.

Let us help you create the hassle-free backyard space you have always dreamed of with synthetic turf.

Once you have reviewed the options, take the next step and contact GrassTex to … Read more »

GrassTex Athletics

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As many may know, GrassTex has turf for just about every application but one that stands out with most is our athletic application.

From start to finish, we do athletic fields, including logos. We manufacture the safest, highest quality synthetic turf in the world, making it easy for you to create the field you want! See what you can create today.

The benefits you should expect from us are as follows:

Perfect for training
High performance quality
Reacts naturally
Improved durability and safety
Helps create multipurpose facilities
Virtually maintenance free
Clean and can be cleaned easily
Consistent performance over time and use

If you are ready for a superior athlete experience, … Read more »

GrassTex Business Director Mike Cline Visits California!

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GrassTex Business Director Mike Cline is making the rounds in California this week. He is visiting our customers and distributors to assist in assembling and displaying our new promotional display racks. The racks feature marketing and product samples to allow customers the opportunity to really feel the difference and superior quality that is GrassTex.

Account Manager Geoff Evans states, “The racks provide an opportunity for any new and existing dealers to feature our products.” We couldn’t agree more!