General Maintenace

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Sweep the carpeting frequently with a broom to remove surface soil, and hose down occasionally with water. Do not use a rotary brush machine.


Vacuum the grass like carpeting as you would any other type of carpeting to pick up surface soil.


Grass like carpeting of Polyloom is resistant to stains. However, splits do occur, and the resulting stains should be removed as soon as possible. In most cases, they can be removed with either detergent suds or a solvent-based cleaning agent. Follow the STAIN REMOVAL CHART for specifics.
Stain Removal Chart


Acid, Alcohol, Animal Urine, Alkali, Blood, Coffee, Tea, Cola, Soot, Chocolate, Dye, Glue, Fruit Juice, Ice Cream, Latex Paint, Milk, Mustard, Rust, Water Colors


Sponge with detergent suds and cold water. This method will be effective even after 24 hours. Note: It is important to use just enough fluid to irrigate solid particles out of fabric. Too much fluid will leave a “ring.” Clean from outside of stain in toward center so as not to leave a ring.


Chewing Gum Spray with Freon Aerosol and Scrape
Crayon Sponge with dry cleaning solvent
Nail Polish Sponge with acetone.
Lipstick Sponge with dry cleaning solvent
Metal Polish Sponge with dry cleaning solvent
Furniture Stain Sponge with dry cleaning solvent
Tar Scrape Excess, Sponge with dry Cleaning Solvent
Oil Paints Blot Immediately, Sponge with turpentine or paint remover. Blot with detergent and water. Re-sponge with cold water to remove detergent


Cosmetics, Ink, Shoe Polish Sponge with detergent and cold water. Apply solvent. Clean solvent residue with soap and water. Re-sponge with cold water to remove detergent
Note: in some cases it may be necessary to repeat any of the above procedures to insure thorough cleaning

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