GrassTex Playgrounds

About GrassTex

GrassTex is a world leader in manufacturing synthetic turf for residential and commercial applications. When it first opened its doors in 1976, GrassTex established itself as a pioneer in the creation of safe, durable turf technology. This innovative drive led to new advances in synthetic turf – it became safer, stronger and more natural in appearance. Developments like the Dow urethane backing, created for carpet in the mid-80’s, increased synthetic turf’s strength and durability. As synthetic turf technologies evolved, GrassTex adapted to meet commercial and consumer demand.

When the popularity of indoor soccer exploded in the mid 80’s, GrassTex helped to invent the urethane backing which made the tough artificial turf of these fields possible. Huge strides were made to improve the overall quality and convertibility of artificial turf options. During this period of industry evolution, GrassTex was leading the way, pushing the creation of new technologies and constantly generating more advanced products. Soccer arenas, football fields, and putting greens were just a few of the major sports to benefit from the advances made by tougher, safer, more versatile turf.

GrassTex continues to offer the Hi-Tech turf system. The system now also incorporates cutting edge polyethylene fibrillated fibers for playability along with a texturized nylon thatch for performance combined with a new Polyurethane backing in its new Arena Turf designs.  The Polyurethane backing called Silverback™, is the newest and most advanced available. Now golf, football, baseball and landscape turf can benefit from the increased durability of our Hi-Tech Silverback backing system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What capabilities does GrassTex have to create what I want?

A: We can construct artificial turf to fit anywhere, for almost any purpose.  We lead the industry in customizing turf for a wide variety of applications.  We can change the yarn, the stitch-size and the pile height of our synthetic turf; every aspect of our products are tailored to fit your specifications, so that you get a product that is right for your needs. Your purchase of the minimum quantity required for a custom turf job guarantees you the most high-quality, advanced turf available on the market today.


Q: I am new to this industry and am interested in becoming a dealer.  Can you help me build my business?

A: If you are interested in entering the industry, GrassTex can help you build a business from the ground up. Every step of the way, you will have direction from the industry experts, people with hands-on experience working with the products and the customers. We connect you with people who know artificial turf inside and out, and who know what they are talking about when it comes to materials, installation, selection, state-of-the-art technology, and durability.


Q: Is GrassTex a leader in the synthetic turf industry?

A: Absolutely.  Our ability to create specific, high quality synthetic turf designed for your needs places us firmly at the head of the pack.  We have the most advanced equipment and resources to create the best synthetic turf possible.  We can build any type of field for any sport or recreation purpose you can imagine.  Our products and expertise are second to none.


Q: May I come visit the plant?

A: Of course! We encourage visitors to come to our plant and see the workings of our facilities. We want you to be assured that you are buying factory-direct products. and getting well-made, premium artificial turf straight from where it is manufactured, not just where it is sold. See for yourself how our synthetic turf is made, and make sure you’re getting the best products straight from the source.