Vector Concepts Visits Kaufman, Texas

Grass-Tex Dealer Vector Concepts recently completed a job in Kaufman, Texas. Vector Concepts installed 7,000 square feet of SP251 at the First Baptist church of Kaufman. The church wanted to create a space for the congregation. They wanted a space for them to relax before and after services. They did not run into many problems with this job other than the weather. That is normal this time of year, especially in Texas. This install is in different areas across the church yard. This is to create different areas for the members to hang out, relax, and conversate.

Landscape Application

The application style that was used for this job is landscape. This is one of our more popular applications and is one of the more versatile. Landscape turf can help with the curb appeal of your home, business, or public spaces. Also, with this application it means you will have to spend less time taking care of your lawn. Our artificial turf is low maintenance, which means no mowing, no chemicals to keep it green, and now watering. To keep your lawn looking great all you need to do is keep large debris off and clean any substance off that gets on it with approved cleaner. One of these cleaners is ProVet Logic, and it is a product that we offer that is safe for your turf and pets.

Landscaping Product

The product that was used for this job is SP251. This is a landscaping product that you can use for landscaping, pet, golf fringe, and more. This product has a four-color blend that gives it the appearance of natural grass. It also has an added layer of thatch that is to help give it body and reduce the amount of infill that you need. SP251 is a product you can install indoor or outdoor to fit your projects needs.

First Baptist Church of Kaufman was thrilled with the outcome of the project and could not wait for members to be able to utilize the space created for them. If you have any questions about this install, or a project for yourself, feel free to reach out to a member of our team today!


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