Featured Application: Rooftop

We are always finding new and intuitive ways to utilize artificial turf. One of those is finding new areas and ways to install it. Recently Rooftop installs have been trending and are popping up everywhere. Artificial turf gives you a surface that can hold up against weather and drains water at a fast rate. To keep up the turf, all you need is a leaf blower and approved cleaner for turf. With artificial turf being so maintenance, it makes it and ideal surfacing product.

Rooftop Products

Having a rooftop install gives you more functional space for entertaining. Many of the applications that we offer can be utilized on a rooftop. This includes putting greens, bocce, athletic, pet, and more! One of our more popular products is Soft Landing. Soft Landing is a landscaping product that offers thatch for added body. The thatch also helps to reduce the amount of infill needed. Soft Landing also has a four-color blend that gives it a more natural look. Another popular product for rooftop installs is Play Time. Play Time is primarily used on playgrounds but has many other application purposes. This product has a coating to help reduce static called ChargeGuard™. Play Time also comes in a variety of colors to fit your design needs!


Installing something on a rooftop means you will have to find a way to drain water off to keep the integrity of the roofs intended function. When installing synthetic turf on a roof, you must install it with a drainage system underneath the turf. We offer drainage panels that can help head start the drainage, but you will need to ensure that there will be no standing water on the roof with other drainage systems.

Rooftop installs are a popular trend that is worth jumping on. This helps turn an once unfunctional space into something that can be utilized by many. If you have any questions about this application or others, you can contact a member of our team today.

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