Ordering Procedures

GrassTex Online Purchase Order Upload

Please use the following link to upload your purchase order: GrassTex Purchase Order Upload

Customer Service

Placing Orders

  • Email Purchase Order to your customer service representative lisa@cpturf.com or fax your order to (706) 272-3399.
  • Emailing your P.O. is preferred.
  • Please do not place phone orders.
  • Once your Purchase Order is received, we will respond via email. If you do not get a response (within 2 hours), please resend. DO NOT DUPLICATE.

Your Purchase Order should include:

  • Purchase order number (if available)
  • Ship to address
  • If your order is shipping to the customer, please include contact name and phone number.
  • Preferred shipping method: If you have an account with a truck line, please include your account number or UPS/FedEx account number. Residential or business delivery must have a “call before delivery.
  • Style name/number, color and backing, and side-mark if needed must be on P.O.
  • If you have received a freight quote from GrassTex, please include this on your P.O.
  • Please include the installation date if available.
  • After your order is entered, you will receive an order acknowledgment by email or fax.
  • Please check your acknowledgment for accuracy.
  • If you see any discrepancies, please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE IMMEDIATELY @ 800-544-0439 or you can email with the necessary changes.
  • Your order acknowledgment MUST be signed and returned before your order will ship.


Freight Quote Request

  • Please email your request to lisa@cpturf.com or gevans@cpturf.com.
  • Include ship to address, city, state and zip code.
  • Materials being shipped, style with total square footage and any accessories if needed.
  • weather or not it is a jobsite, residence or business (with a frieght dock).
  • Freight quotes expire after 10 days.


Thank you!  We appreciate your business!