Turf Grip PRIME Installation and Storage

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Turf Grip PRIME is a high viscosity polyurethane adhesive that is specially formulated to meet the stringent requirements of today’s multi-use synthetic surfaces. It is a solvent-free, single-component, moisture-cured structural adhesive designed to bond all types of synthetic turf, including; putting greens, athletic fields, lawns, airport safety zones, public greenways, and play areas.

Turf Grip PRIME is nonflammable, contains no solvents, bonds quickly and completely with moisture present in hot or cold weather conditions, and has a very low odor. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and can contribute to obtaining LEED® Credits.

Turf Grip PRIME is easy to use and provides high initial tack and good green strength.

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Turf Grip PRIME Installation and Storage

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