YMCA of Montclair Chooses GrassTex

YMCA of Montclair CEO Buddy Evans and his team decided to block off a portion of their parking lot to allow members to train outdoors on GrassTex V-Max so they can host outdoor group exercise classes and summer camps.  It has lifted the spirits for many of the members that have been cooped up since NJ and NY have been effected so much from COVID this year.  The YMCA is one great example to think outside the box or the fitness studio in this case to cater to their community’s needs.  Keeping an active regiment in one’s daily routine has proven to not only give one a healthier lifestyle, but also face difficult times like these with a more clear and positive outlook.

Buddy Evans has been a voice for many communities over his 27 yr. career with the YMCA.  Now Buddy and his team have given Montclair, NJ and surrounding areas a chance to safely get outdoors, bring the community together, and leading the way in safe and healthy living.  As said many times, “We build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.”

GrassTex has been providing the industry with safe and durable synthetic turf options for indoor and outdoor sports applications.  With the additional foam padding on the V-Max, this creates a safe and comfortable surface that can be laid over any concrete or asphalt surface for plyometric training.  ProGienics is also used to maintain and keep the surface clean and safe for everyone.