Freddie’s Beach Bar’s Sidewalk Installation!

Freddie’s Beach Bar in Rehoboth, Delaware wanted an upgrade to their establishment. They decided to install artificial turf outside along the sidewalk outside of the bar. This would help bring a pop of color and make them stand out. They had 780 sq ft of V-max installed, and they went with pink as the color. With the color and the use of turf, they were going to become the “eye popping attraction” that they wanted to be.

Sidewalk Installation

Putting artificial turf on a sidewalk is such an interesting idea that not many have done. But with this comes asking the city for permission. Before they could start the install, they had to get a permit from the city to install. Once they were able to secure the permit, they then had to overcome the sidewalk conditions. Once these were taken care of, they were able to make their idea a reality! The held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the bar that the community came out to. The mayor showed up to do the honors of cutting the ribbon.


The product that was used for this job was 780 sq ft of V-Max. This was a 12’ x 65’ piece of turf that was then cut into 6’ x 130’ runner. This product is a non-rubber infilled turf with the softness of the new generation of rubber-filled turf. This product comes in many colors, so you can have the color meet your project needs!

This project turned out amazing and the owners were thrilled with the results. The community has raved about how great it looks. It has brightened up the area and created an amazing looking space!

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