Abacus Sports Uses GrassTex for Backyard Pet Install

The homeowner  was looking for a low maintenance backyard that was pet friendly for their dog and cat.  The yard was difficult to maintain leaving dirt/ muddy spots throughout the year.  Bringing their pets inside was always a task of cleaning them off.  On top of that, their concern for bacteria and odor from the pet urine was solved by GrassTex’s ProVet Logic.  Abacus Sports who services the sports industry with rubber flooring and synthetic turf had captilized on homeowners being locked down at home this year due to the virus.

From the Owner:

We originally had two large (raised) mulch beds that took up about half of our (already small) backyard in the city. It started to become a safety issue with our high energy pup having a couple of close calls while playing, and we knew we wanted to remove the mulch beds and open up the space. The idea of trying to grow grass or plant sod whilst having the dog use the yard did not seem ideal, so we decided to look into artificial turf options. With the help of Geoff, we were able to find the right system to meet our needs & budget and utilized some extra time during the quarantine to start the project. With having limited vehicle access to our backyard, we had to do all of the excavating and sub-base preparation by hand, which was hard but rewarding work. We also added 6mm Absorb (turf underlayment) from Regupol America underneath our turf for a little bit of added comfort.

The end product looks fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with our new yard! We have received many compliments from our neighbor and friends, with some people expressing interest in doing the same thing with their yard, after seeing how ours turned out. Our dog loves the new yard as well, and is able to cut and turn on a dime with the traction that he gets. Being a scruffy dog, we are so happy with the fact that he no longer tracks dirt and mulch into the house every time that he goes outside. Cleaning up after the dog is a breeze and we are very impressed with how well the turf drains!

As always if you have questions about your next project let us know!