AquaFab Shout Out!

When you think of indoor training or synthetic turf what usually comes to mind? Clean, crisp looking turf that sometimes has an ornate logo or design in it right? With GrassTex you can have custom logos or prefabricated ladders, agility dots or anything your heart desires prefabbed into you synthetic turf.

Typically, designers will input the designs into a computer that is essentially the brains of the operation and a larger water jet will work its way up and down the synthetic turf cutting out the requested design.

Our Aquafab department is equipped with an entire team of designers and a state of the art water jet cutter that is bigger and better than previous versions.

Waterjet cutting is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. Synthetic turf, when encountering high heat will melt if the heat is high enough which means that water jet cutting is the perfect solution.

Meet Our AquaFab Team

Pazcual Pedro – Fabrication Floor Supervisor

Two years at CP

Wife and five kids

Pazcual likes to travel to the mountains and is very involved with helping with his kids schoolwork and teaching soccer.


Dustin Babb – Lead Fabricator and Training Instructor

Six years fabrication experience

Wife and six kids

Dustin is a huge football fan as long as it is NOT the “Vols”. He enjoys video games and helps coach rec league football in his spare time.


Jesus “Shorty” Cruz – Fabricator and resident comedian

Three years at CP fabrication

Jesus enjoys Soccer, Fast cars, and video games when he has free time.


Candelario Aguilar – Fabricator

One year at CP.

Wife and five kids

He is the go to guy when something has to be done with precision.

Candelario enjoys baseball and Soccer and he keeps busy with handy man projects around the house


Elijah Robertson- Waterjet Operator

Three years at CP

Elijah enjoys fishing and kayaking as well as video games when he is not working.


Greg Sheram – Fabrication Manager

20 years fabrication experience as Plant manager / Business Owner / Estimator

Veteran USAF and proud Army dad.

Greg enjoys all shooting sports and most anything with a loud engine that goes fast. He also likes woodworking and metal fabrication in his spare time.