California Drought and How GrassTex can Help You

As we all know California is suffering from one of the worst droughts on record.  In January Governor Brown declared a State of Emergency due to the severe drought and directed all to prepare for water shortages and to exercise extreme caution when using water.

Many Californians are looking into better, more efficient options for landscaping including drought resistant plants and synthetic turf. It is thought that eliminating watering and installing of new lawns could possibly cut water usage by 30%.

One thing we know for sure is that the installation of GrassTex synthetic turf will significantly cut down water usage due to the simple fact that water is not required to keep the grass lush and green. With a lawn by GrassTex you will have a beautiful green lawn that you can use and enjoy year around. Whereas with natural grass you have to spend time and money, maintaining your lawn. Synthetic turf is virtually maintenance free and if it gets a little warm in the sun a light spray of the hose will cool it right down.

As always please check your local laws to ensure that synthetic turf is approved for your area and remember that GrassTex is your preferred turf provider.

Let’s not forget that you can even get a rebate for your natural turf removal and converting to synthetic turf. Check out for more details!