Check Out These Playgrounds by Synthetic Turf Pros

Recently Synthetic Turf Pros worked with a church and daycare to upgrade their playground area. The church/daycare playground had mulch and grass and plenty of mud to go with it. In addition to the mud, they had severe drainage issues. So much so that the children could not play on the playground if it had rained recently. This meant that not only did the playground have appearance issues but it had safety issues to go along with it.

Thankfully Synthetic Turf Pros was able to resolve the issue and ensure a mud-free playground for them. They chose GrassTex’s Traffic Blade Silver to install and solve the issues.

About Traffic Blade Silver

Features and Benefits

  • High-performance quality
  • Reacts naturally
  • Improved durability and safety
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Clean and can be cleaned easily
  • Consistent performance over time and use

It is worth noting that the original playground was around 5,000 sqft and the new playground was 2,500 sqft. This church wanted the best playground in their county and having a safe and aesthetically pleasing playground was a must in order to accomplish this goal. They hope this new playground will help more young families attend their church services as well as allow them to raise daycare rates due to the nice amenities they now have. Synthetic Turf Pros also used Tcool Infill to help with the heat of the turf during the summer as well as Envirofill. Where the swing and slide is located they used the 1″ foam pad underneath. The church spared no expense and safety was clearly a top priority in this renovated playground install.