Daylight “Saving” Time With Synthetic Turf

To give some history to the term Daylight Saving we are going to explain where it began.

Daylight saving time in the United States was not intended to benefit farmers, as many people think. 
Contrary to popular belief, American farmers did not lobby for daylight saving to have more time to work in the fields; in fact, the agriculture industry was deeply opposed to the time switch when it was first implemented on March 31, 1918, as a wartime measure. The sun, not the clock, dictated farmers’ schedules, so daylight saving was very disruptive.

Not everyone in the United States springs forward and falls back. 
Hawaii and Arizona—with the exception of the state’s Navajo Nation—do not observe daylight saving time.

Now we say all of this because we don’t want our customers to feel cheated with the loss of an hour this weekend. Save time this spring and install your very own synthetic lawn. Get that lost hour back with a synthetic turf lawn that not only looks fantastic but takes minimal maintenance.

With synthetic turf, you can now leave on an extended vacation and come back to lawn that is just as pristine as when you left. It’s not overgrown or filled with dry patches and it is always ready to use.

When your children want to go outside and play ball and enjoy your lawn you can without a worry of the lawns condition.

So remember if you want to truly experience daylight savings time, then install GrassTex synthetic turf in your lawn. Call our account managers today.

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