Featured Install by Replicated Grass Systems

America Center office complex installation by Replicated Grass Systems

Recently, Replicated Grass Systems of Hayward CA installed 7000 sf. of GrassTex PIllusion at the newly built America Center office complex in San Jose, California. This installation will would serve as an all-purpose play area/concert seating area between two modern office buildings.

This particular installation was different in that the architect had also designed the upper portion of the grass area to serve as a fire lane. Knowing this, the staff at Grass Tex recommended that this Illusion be made using our 3mm thick, polyurethane backing system. The benefit being that the tufts of fiber in the grass product would be locked in and would hold strong while fire engines and support vehicles were being driven over them.

About Illusion

This is a lush landscape product that offers thatch, which provides added body to the product. It has a two inch pile height and its four-color blend of fibers provides a truly authentic look that resembles a natural lawn. This product can be used for landscape areas, pet areas, fringe around putting greens and much more. This product can be installed indoors or outdoors on concrete or a compacted aggregate base.