Featured Product: Mirage

This weeks featured product is brought us by Flooring Resource Group

Our Mirage synthetic turf is an excellent landscape product that offers thatch, which provides added body, reducing the amount of infill needed which in turn means less maintenance for you. The four color blend of this surface yarn provides a truly authentic look and feel that resembles a natural lawn. This product can be used for landscapes, pet areas, fringes and much more. This product can be installed indoors or outdoors on concrete or a compacted aggregate base. The only limit for this turf is your imagination.

Mirage 2 Grass Tex installation Oct 2014 Menlo Park CA


  • High quality
  • Natural look
  • Improved durability and safety
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Consistent performance over time

Sonoma Ca installation of Grass Tex Mirage 2 Oct 2014