Foam Backed Turf Installation

In preparation for foamed back turf installation, one of the most important steps is to allow your foam backed turf to acclimate unrolled at least 12-24 hours prior to adhering. This will allow the product to relax, expand and become more pliable for easier installation. If the product is being installed before it has had a chance to fully expand it will cause major installation problems and liability issues.
When using Turf Claw FB adhesive to install foam-backed turf, keep in mind that this product is not recommended for use where seaming tape has been used during fabrication. For the areas where seaming tape is being used, we recommend Turf Claw 75 applied with 1/8” V-cut trowel.

Please follow up with your Account Manager if you have any further questions before starting your next project. You can also refer back to your installation guidelines for complete details.
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