Furry Paws Lodge installed by Synthetic Turf Pros

This recent installation comes from Synthetic Turf Pros based out of Nashville, TN. Sam Pitman worked very closely with the recipient Wes Reade in order to provide the best possible product and install despite a number of hurdles they had to overcome.

Wes had done extensive research and spoke with several companies before moving forward on this project. After communicating with our Business Director Geoff Evans, Wes was able to feel confident in the service and product he was being provided. Wes and his team had been planning this project for over a year when the COVID pandemic reached it’s peak and cash flow for the project became an issue. They were thankfully successful in acquiring an EIDL through the SBA. However due to the challenges of being approved and the money actually being deposited into their account the project was almost canceled. Thankfully Sam worked with them to make sure they could take advantage of the timing (low census at the kennel) and proceed with the installation.

It’s not always clear why a client chooses to install synthetic turf but in this case, Wes provided that insight and then some. Furry Paws Lodge where the turf was installed, needed to lower the level of the turf from a previous install to allow for a more thorough and easier cleanup of their cement outdoor runs. When their previous turf was installed it sat flush/level with the concrete which would cause “backsplash” of debris, feces, and urine when the kennel assistant was squeegeeing and cleaning the run.

They also needed to be able to provide future repairs of water hydrants that were located in the play yards. They decided to box out a 3’x3’ section and turfed around great the three sides in the yard.

Yet another issue they had to deal with was one after installation when one of their yards had a serious drainage issue that developed after the installation was complete. Sam, the installer came up with a solution and they believe the issue has been completely resolved.

We believe that in our business you are not only selling quality synthetic turf at fair prices but you are also developing a relationship built on honesty and reliability. “I never felt pressured or that I was talking to a salesperson interested in meeting a quota. Both Geoff and Sam understood what my desires and needs were, felt free to make recommendations and totally understanding of the challenges I was addressing,” Wes Reade.

Please follow up with your Account Manager if you have any further questions before starting your next project.
Geoff Evans
Business Director
423-598-3529- mobile