Golf Green Installation Guide

Preparing the site: Prepare base according to geographic location; north of the freeze line will require a deeper base (up to 4”) than south of the freeze line (2-4 in”). Use crusher run gravel topped with limestone screening (limestone dirt), smoothed to the desired contour. The layers of the crusher run gravel and limestone screening should be wet and compacted using a water filed roller or a compactor in order to obtain a more solid base. Compact to at least 75% (90% is preferred). A concrete slab can also be used and the carpet should be glued to the concrete.

Placing Cups : Set cups in place. Be sure to attach carpet cup locks around each cup. Lay carpet and make necessary seams.

Seaming: Seams should be made using our splicing tape and adhesive. Lay tape so it is half under each side of carpet seam. Lay carpet back so as to expose all of the tape. Use generous amounts of adhesive and lesser amounts on carpet edge. Adhesive should be troweled close to the edges of the tape using a 1/8 inch trowel. Allow adhesive to become tacky then bond carpet to tape making sure seam is properly aligned. Roll the seam with a water roller or another type of weight, but it is important to ensure the glue does not seep through the seam. It may be desirable to stabilize the seam by using weights on both sides of seam. Allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours or at least overnight depending on the weather conditions.

Infill: Using a fertilizer drop spreader set at a small opening setting, add sand over entire area. Use only 12/20 round quartz sand, spread 2– 2 ¼ pounds per square foot, or enough sand to leave 1/4″ to 1/8” grass exposed. Adjust sand for desired stimp speed. It is very important to use large round quartz sand. If the sand compacts it well become very hard and undesirable as a putting surface. The purpose of the sand is to control stimp, protect grass and hold the carpet in place. A top dressing material may be desirable which could consist of green/black or black sand. Cut holes to expose the cups. Transfer some adhesive into a squeeze bottle. Lift carpet around each cup and squeeze adhesive onto flange. Press carpet onto flange. This will help keep the carpet from moving off the hole. Add markers or flags for each cup.

Your putting green is ready for practice and fun.