GrassTex Environmental Series: Weeds and Synthetic Turf

Weeds are a challenge when it comes to a natural lawn or even a synthetic turf lawn.

If you have adequately prepared your job site and added an aggregate base under your turf, it’s unlikely that you’ll get weeds coming up through your artificial grass, however that does not mean it is a guarantee that you will never get them. If you didn’t do enough excavation, or your base is contaminated, you may get weeds that grow through drainage holes. For these reasons, a weed barrier can be used as an added layer of protection.

A quality weed barrier is an excellent choice as an underlayment beneath your artificial grass. It will be strong enough to block weeds yet porous enough to ensure the passage of necessary water and liquid nutrients in your planter areas and around trees. The weed barrier will also act as an additional stabilizer for your artificial grass lawn.

Living Weed-Free

There are still a few places you may find a weed or two. If your artificial grass installation requires seaming and the seams are not to par, then a weed or two might sneak through.


Suggested Maintenance Schedule

Daily: Check the field after each day’s use for distribution and condition of the heavily played areas.

Weekly: Brush the surface of the field with a static (non-rotary) double brush including simultaneous vacuum devices to redistribute the infill, maintain vertical fibers, and a level playing “use” field.

Monthly: Check infill levels, seams, inlaid lines, etc., and report failures (if any) to the manufacturer.

Also check for over compaction and de-compact as may be necessary. It is essential that the appropriate equipment is used in order to achieve the specified performance criteria.

Periodically: At least once a year a full grooming session should take place brushing (rotating unit), vacuuming, de-compacting, and grooming (static brush). Top dress with new infill may be required.

Contact the manufacturer if any aspect of the maintenance process is causing a significant concern.

Please follow up with your Account Manager if you have any further questions before starting your next project.


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