GrassTex Featured Application: Playground Prep

GrassTex dealer Ruggieri Brother recently installed a beautiful playground facility for Playground Prep. Playground Prep, a 4,000 square foot New England facility, was built in 2009 with a young child in mind. The facility has an outdoor play area that has a full jungle gym, swings, slides, and a sandbox. The playground is used all year long in all seasons, with areas of grass, mulch and cement. The owner contacted Team Ruggieri looking for suggestions on upgrades to their playground area. They wanted to eliminate the mulch area from the playground. The mulch area was costly to maintain year after year and there were reports that some students had been getting ticks. The GrassTex PlayTime 15’ turf over 2” of rubber foam was installed in the open areas the kids use for running and playing.

Product Used- PlayTime

Installer- Ruggieri Brothers

Size- 3,000 sq ft

Location-New England