GrassTex Featured Installation and Installer Highlight: Truman Kemp and Coastal Carolina Hardscapes & Turfscapes

GrassTex loves featuring our products on our site and especially our customer installations. Features like these allow us to show the superior quality of our products and the exceptional skills of our dealers and their teams. This project is perfect to shine the spotlight on as it not only includes our V-Max turf but also displays some of our customization options available with our water jet and Aquafab department.

  • Product(s) Installed
    • GrassTex V-Max with hash marks, custom logo and borders
  • Size of Installation
    • Approximately 1800 sq ft
  • Location
    • Belton-Honea Path High School
  • Dealer/Installer Info
  • Difficulties/obstacles overcome
    • We had to come up with a transition from the turf to the weightlifting mat surface, which required a change order to add the 4in white borders and create a seamless and custom area to the delight of the Superintendent, Athletic Director, and all others involved.
  • What did the turf replace?
    • Brand New indoor sports/weightlifting facility with a concrete base.
  • Why did they choose our/your company?
    • Our company was selected due to quality of material and our record of exceptional workmanship on installs.
  • What did they want to accomplish?
    • State of the Art indoor facility for football and agility practice.
  • Any comments from the recipients
    • School District Superintendent and Athletic Director were in awe and very excited to get the students on the field for practice and enthusiastic about the edge.

Thank you Truman and the team at Coastal Carolina Hardscapes & Turfscapes!