GrassTex Introduces ArmorLoc™ 3L

ArmorLoc 3L

Recently GrassTex has come out with a superior backing like no other. Primary backing plays a vital role in the overall design of an artificial turf system. ArmorLoc™ 3L is non-directional, dimensionally stable and ensures no excess movement. Combined, ArmorLoc™ 3L with Silverback™ urethane coating and specialized yarns work together binding the DNA of all three components creating a thermoset bond.

Unmatched Strength-

  • ArmorLok™ 3L has an extremely high tear strength. This strength provides the necessary proprieties that reduce the incidence of a rip or a tear in the product. This is due to the woven layers all working together like the tight weave of a basket or a carpet.
  • Provides a better mechanical bond when utilized with Silverback™ and specialized fiber

No absorption –

  • ArmorLoc™ 3L is moisture and rot resistant.
  • Other products that retain moisture present perfect conditions for rot over time.
  • Pet owners love this feature!

Improved Dimensional Stability

  • Less movement after the installation and over the life of the product.
  • This improved stability addresses extreme temperature variations over the life of the product.

Manufactured woven and stitched together before fabrication.

  • Competitors take two backings and physically stitch them together when they tuft the product. This aftermarket fabrication method lessens the overall quality of the product.
  • The two backings tend to move at different rates in the fabrication process leading to non-uniform product characteristics.