GrassTex Introduces a Brand new Product for 2018- Coastal Cut

Coastal Cut


We have been asking our dealers all over the country for advice, we gathered a ton of info… we needed the following product:
  • Non-infill product, safe for Pets and Children  
  • Natural looking and soft to the touch
  • Short profile creates ideal product for non-infill, which will also save money and time on install
  • Priced just right for most budgets


In response, we have worked with our team to create a brand new product to meet the needs of our customers. Coastal Cut meets a great need that customers across the country have been asking for, for years. They want a easy to maintain product that is safe, that pets and children love.
The color available in Coastal Cut is Field/Lime to give a great natural appeal in most landscape applications.
For more information view the product page here:Coastal Cut
Please email for samples for you and all your customers
Also coming soon in February and March, additional new products from GrassTex, your leading synthetic turf manufacturer.