GrassTex Tech Tip 12 Deicer

Use caution when using a sidewalk deicer that contains chloride around your synthetic turf. Chloride has characteristics that breakdown the UV protection of the product. This could cause discoloration and a breakdown in the fibers. We recommend using a deicing product that contains Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA). CMA has a PH level around 6 which is about the same as tap water. Because it is less corrosive, it does not cause a breakdown of the sidewalk itself and has a minimal effect on the environment.
SNOW AND ICE ARE NOT HARMFUL TO ARTIFICIAL TURF and generally should be left to
melt system without assistance. At times, however, it is necessary to remove snow or ice to
make the field playable for a scheduled event. The working principle for removing snow is to
do so as near to game time as possible. This reduces the likelihood of new snow buildup and
will reduce the risk of ice from cold winds whipping across a damp, newly cleared surface.
Because ice removal is more difficult, the prevention of ice buildup is important.
Please follow up with your Account Manager if you have any further questions before starting your next project. You can also refer back to your installation guidelines for complete details,
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