GrassTex Tech Tip #3: Fungus, Mold, and Moss

Please continue reading below to learn about Fungus, Mold and Moss in your synthetic turf:

The following instructions are provided to assist you if you ever need help with the removal of fungus, mold spots or moss from your turf. Like many other products that are outdoors and come into contact with the elements, your turf may at some point develop bacterial growth. If that does happen the following tips will help eliminate the issue.
  1. Use TurfStat™ PRO, a synthetic turf disinfectant is proven to kill germs on non-porous surfaces such as plastic (polystyrene, polypropylene), vinyl, fiberglass, non-porous rubber and washable synthetic fibers, at a rate of 1 part concentrate to 11 parts water and spray the area fully.
  2. Do NOT use high pressure water spray with stream force in excess of 2500 PSI as this can severely damage the turf.
  3. TurfStat™ PRO is an EPA registered disinfectant, MR. Clean and Vital Oxide Perform as needed but has not been EPA approved.
  4. Simple Green is another product that can be used as long as it is the bleach free formula.

Please follow up with your Account Manager if you have any further questions before starting your next project. You can also refer back to your installation guidelines for complete details.
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