GrassTex Turf is Better with Silverback

Silverback™ is our recipe for our specialty Polyurethane backing system. Our Silverback™ coating saturates the primary backing of the synthetic turf and effectively locks the fiber tufts in place. While most polyurethane backings are a simple coating over the primary backing, Silverback™ actually penetrates into the base, surrounding every stitch and interlocking the fibers into the primary backing. This process leaves you with a superior base well above the industry standard.

The components that make up our Silverback™ are simple. It is, at its core, a heat activated polyurethane with zero vegetable based polyols, forming the best polyurethane backing available in today’s market. The system warrants a minimum tuft bind strength of 8 pounds. When you have Silverback™ as your backing you know you have the quiet strength required by today’s consumers, regardless of the application.