GrassTex’s AquaFab Capabilities

Now is the perfect time to remember that GrassTex has a state of the art waterjet machine.

With GrassTex you can have custom logos or prefabricated ladders, agility dots or anything your heart desires, prefabbed into you synthetic turf.

GrassTex has products for every application out there with customization for most of them.  With our Aquafab department, we have the power to cut custom logos, inlay ladders, agility dots, lines and anything else that could be needed in synthetic turf.

Synthetic Turf Allows Visibility

GrassTex has an extensive line of colors to produce your logo on synthetic turf. Your logo can be placed within your commercial playground – also installed using GrassTex artificial grass– inside your training facility or on your athletic surface, whether the lawn is outside or indoors. You’ll attract more attention from visitors and passersby just by having synthetic turf.

Since fake grass can be cut to any shape, we can also mount your name or logo on the wall, indoors or outside.


Why use GrassTex synthetic turf for your logo?

  • Enhance your visibility
  • Reinforce your branding
  • Make a statement