How to Keep Cool the Summer with Synthetic Turf

At GrassTex we are often asked, how do you keep cool on synthetic turf? It is plastic after all, and plastic gets crazy hot in the summer sun. Here are a few tips we know to help get you through the summer in style and comfort on your synthetic turf.

  • Shade
    • Retractable awning
    • Trees
    • Canopies
    • Umbrellas
    • Basically, anything that would provide a barrier to direct sunlight.
  • Water Rinse
    • Sprinkler system
    • Hose

The good news is that, unlike natural grass lawns, your synthetic turf lawn will always look healthy and freshly mowed, even if we’re in the third month of extreme 90+ degree temperatures. Your lawn won’t dry out and die like a natural one, and you won’t have to use an excessive amount of water just to try and keep it alive. Just mist it to keep it cool if need be.

Synthetic turf will usually be much cooler than concrete or asphalt, or other hard surfaces. And when you’re selecting your grass, choosing a lighter color green, rather than a dark green, will help keep its surface temperature down a bit too.

As always please contact your local GrassTex dealer or your account manager for assistance if you have questions or concerns regarding your synthetic turf.