Is It Time For Change?

Have you thought about turf but weren’t sure where or how to begin? Maybe you were unsure of whether or not you sell it or if you can sell it, how to install it. Well GrassTex is here for you.

Most dealers and potential customers don’t realize the hidden potential outside of their comfort zone or everyday business. They go with what they know and sometime what you know can hold you back. Customers won’t know unless you tell them. It’s all about education. It simply starts with letting your customers know you offer turf for both indoor and outdoor applications.

You have the potential of doubling your business by simply selling outside of your normal avenues. The person looking to add shrubs and gravel to their yard may not realize that they can also add synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is great for landscaping, pet areas and high traffic areas. Whatever your need GrassTex has the turf for it.

GrassTex is readily available to discuss and train you on new areas of business. So when you are ready to take the next step give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.