Need Synthetic Turf Information

We know at times it can be difficult to find the information you need exactly when you need it. That is why GrassTex does everything we can to provide our customers with everything they could possibly need for their projects. We provide care and maintenance manuals, indoor guides, landscape guides and product specifications.

If you are curious on how to install your synthetic turf, indoors or out then we have the tools to help you be successful. We provide a systematic guide based on the installation area for your turf. It is just like installing carpet. You put together seams and use latex or urethane glue to adhere it. Follow our links below to our guides.

Click Here to View our Indoor Installation Guide

Click Here to View our Landscape Installation Guide

Now to discuss synthetic turf care. While caring for synthetic turf is significantly easier than caring for natural grass lawns, synthetic lawns still require maintenance. That is where GrassTex’s care and maintenance manuals come in handy. Our manuals outline simple day-to-day care and those occasional special procedures necessary for minor repairs, snow removal, and unusual events or uses.

Click Here to View our Indoor Care Guide

Click Here to View our Landscape Care Guide

We want our customers and dealers to succeed. If there is anything else we can do to help you succeed give us a call and let us know.