Oxco Seam Tape Application Instructions

Oxco Seam Tape is made of a 5 oz/yd2 spunbond polyester with high tensile, tear and puncture strength. It is available in two forms, 1) one side coated or 2) uncoated. The coated seam tape has a very thin layer of film that provides vapor barrier to one side. The vapor barrier or coating prevents adhesive from bleeding through seam tape, but allows fiber web to become fully saturated to get maximum mechanical bonding with backing of synthetic turf. It also prevents contamination or negative influence from chemicals that may be in or on surface in which synthetic turf is being installed. Typically adhesive is applied by trowel or with a glue box. When using one side coated seam tape, it is important to mount coated seam tape in glue box such that adhesive is applied to uncoated side of seam tape. When using uncoated seam tape, it doesn’t matter to which side adhesive is applied.

Adhesive must be applied in accordance to adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. Oxco, Inc. can recommend adhesives that have been tried and proven.

  1. Ensure application surfaces are clean and oil free
  2. Mount seam tape on glue box such that adhesive is applied to uncoated side
  3. Apply adhesive to seam tape with a 3/16” notched trowel on glue box
  4. Lay in turf and press firmly into adhesive
  5. Allow joints to rest for 30 minutes, then roll joints with weighted roller
  6. Allow another 60 minutes of rest, then roll joints again with weighted roller