Pets Love Synthetic Turf!

Were you aware that dogs and cats love synthetic turf? If you have had all you can stand with your pets destruction of your yard, the mud and the pests, synthetic turf will give you back your yard and your home. No matter how many pets you own or their size, GrassTex’s pet turf will be able to withstand the wear and tear of their paws and claws.

Synthetic turf is cleaner and greener than a natural turf lawn. It requires less maintenance overall and maintains a clean and crisp appearance year around. Synthetic turf is more durable than a natural lawn leading to less wear and tear and it is harder for dosg like Argos pictured, to tear up.

The install featured is Dr. Mann in Rocklin California, they had just moved in their house, already investing in a back yard where there kids could play and swim and the turf just added great to their environment. 3 boys and a dog all rolling around on the turf makes it a lot safer and cleaner compared to the dead grass and mud when it hits the rainy season.

Remember backyard pet areas are an easy do-it-yourself project however; commercial kennels will require professional installation.

The benefits of a pet specific product are as follows:

  • High performance quality • Reacts naturally • Improved durability and safety • Virtually maintenance free • Clean and can be cleaned easily • Consistent performance over time and use