Playground Install in Nashville!

Grasstex dealer Synthetic Turf Pros recently did an install in Nashville, Tennessee. They did a playground install at Belmont United Methodist Weekday School. They installed 1,100 sq ft of Playtime with two-inch safety foam pad. Many schools have started to install artificial turf on their playgrounds. This is because of the many benefits it has to offer.

Benefits of Playground Turf

When it comes to finding a surface for your playground, safety should be high on your priorities. Our playground product has a coating called ChargeGuard. ChargeGuard is a coating that helps reduce static on the playground. Along with that we also offer 1” and 2” playground pad. You can install these with the turf to make fall zones. These can help bring some safety that is needed to the playground unlike other surfaces.

Reducing Mess

Another good reason to choose artificial turf as your playground surface is mud. Natural grass and even other surface will have exposed ground. This means when it rains it will create mud. When the playground is muddy it takes playtime away from the kids to reduce mess. With artificial turf you do no have mud. Another thing that the rain and mud will bring is bugs. Sure, there will always be bugs outside, but artificial turf can help reduce them.


Why Choose us?

Belmont United Methodist Weekday School chose Synthetic Turf Pros because of the quality of product they offer and the turnaround time. Synthetic Turf Pros were able to provide them with a playground that the customer loves. They said that they everyone at the program loves it. They said that their favorite thing was the fact that it is so mess free which is helpful with kids. All together they were pleased with the outcome of the job!

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