Project Photography is the Key to Success

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

That is a saying we have all heard. No matter the subject of the picture, it says something. Ideally, that would be something good, but what if the quality is poor, what does the image say then?

GrassTex loves to feature product installs and recent projects from our customers and dealers on our social media and blog. One of the main attractions of our blogs where we feature our products and projects are the images that go along with the description of the installs.

However, a common problem we have is getting images that are decent. They do not have to be professional quality but they need to be decent. Great images sell your product for you so it is in your best interest to take photos of your projects and broadcast them to the world. So this week’s blog will provide a little bit of guidance on proper picture taking.

Be sure to remember:

  • Focus on the subject, out of focus or blurry images help no one.
  • Lighting, attempt with and without flash.
    • Too much light can wash out the image.
    • Too little light and you risk not seeing your install well enough.
  • Interest, be sure to focus on the turf but get plenty of the surrounding area.
  • Different angles, do not just shoot from one angle, varying angles help highlight the product and install.
  • Remember contrasting colors make them pop.
While this is good image there is debris in the bottom right side of image. Make sure your images are clear of debris
This image shows the product nicely but it is essentially all you see leading it to being less than spectacular. Make sure you get some of the surrounding area in order to break up the image.


Your first image that you take may not be the best, take a few more, change up your angle, come back in an hour and take a few more. Send us as many images as possible and we will feature you on our website.