Rooftop Install in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

GrassTex Dealer Push Pedal Pull of Tulsa recently did a rooftop project at a gym in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The area that this was installed is on top of an awning that has two large drains with metal grates. This was visible from inside the gym and the owner wanted to make it look more visually pleasing. While on an equipment sales call, Push Pedal Pull offered a solution to them of installing synthetic turf over it.

What Product is Used on Rooftops?

They installed 375 square feet of Countryside on top of the rooftop awning. Countryside is a great versatile product because of how many applications that it can be used for. Besides rooftops, it can also be used for landscaping, pet areas, fringes and much more! This product also has a four-color blend to give it the look of natural grass. There is also thatch that give the product added body which helps with reducing the amount of infill needed. You can use this product for indoor or outdoor installations, so the only limit of what it can do is your imagination.

Were There any Difficulties?

This job had difficulties like any job will, but this job had a unique one. With this being a rooftop installation on an awning, it was hard to get the turf up there. There was no roof access for them to get the turf where it needed to be. The solution took a lot muscle. Three people from the crew pulled the roll of turf up from the ground onto the awning. With a little extra hard work they were able to please the customer and give them exactly what they wanted. In the end they were please more than they expected and were very happy with the purchase.

If you have a space like this one that you would like to make more visually appealing, you can reach out to a member of our team today.

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