Should I look Into Synthetic Turf for my Home or Business?

GrassTex Golf Putting Green

Here are some the top reasons we see for people seeking out synthetic turf for their home or business.

For the home:

  1. Water Conservation
    1. Many people are trying to save water with Californians being especially water conscious in recent years due to long term droughts
  2. Pets are Destroying the Natural Lawn
    1. We all love our pets but they can wreak havoc on our lawns and homes. With synthetic turf, they will no longer be killing your lawn or tracking in mud.
  3. It Can Save You Money in the Long Run
    1. Are you constantly mowing or paying a company to maintain and treat your lawn? With synthetic turf, your lawn is ready to go year round without mowing, watering or landscaping.
  4. Better for the Environment
    1. We know, how can a synthetic lawn be good for the environment? Well, with a synthetic lawn you reduce or eliminate the need completely for fertilizers, pesticides and harmful chemicals in order to maintain a usable space.

For the Business:

  1. You need your business to look nice, clean and well maintained.
  2. You need to save money. With natural turf comes the responsibility of hiring a landscaping company to come out and maintain the lawn and greenery, with synthetic turf you can eliminate that bill.
  3. You need a space to entertain clients, what is better than an in office putting green or putting green outside? Businesses love installing our putting greens for them entertain clients or practice their short games.
  4. Curb Appeal, it is the first thing your clients notice when they come to your business. Synthetic turf can give you the edge you need.