Summer is for Picnics!

Summertime is here! Time to get your dose of vitamin D on! Most can agree that winter can dampen your mood. Springtime cannot make up its mind; sometimes it is cold or hot or even a pollen nightmare. Fall is perfect for bon fires and s’mores, but summer is just right. From enjoying the 4th of July fireworks, lazy afternoons by the porch, grilling out, and picnics! Picnics are a must during the summer. With the help of GrassTex, you can provide a lovely picnic area for the whole family. And what better way to spend quality time with your loved ones than on our specialized synthetic turf lawn or poolside turf.

A synthetic turf lawn allows you and your family to enjoy your space without the hassle of all the upkeep it takes to care for a regular lawn. With our synthetic turf lawn, there is minimal upkeep, which makes it easy and less time consuming.

Some tips on how to keep your turf clean:

  1. Rain is your best cleanse
    • Rainfall gently cleanses the turf fibers of dust, pollen, and air borne pollutants.
  2. Litter Removal
    • Most obvious cleaning needed is the removal of litter deposited by users.
      1. Peanut shells, sunflower seeds, etc. Should and can be removed most easily with a lawn sweeper or a motorized vacuum sweeper immediately after any event.
  1. Stain removal
    • “Water Borne” residues. Most “stains” commonly associated with playing fields can be classified as “water borne” stains. These stains are best removed using a warm, mild solution of granular household detergent (nonabrasive).
        • Ice cream
        • Alcohol
        • Milk
        • Fruit juice

Reach out to any of our account managers today to get your lawn started and your picnic rolling!