Synthetic Turf Through the Years

Stop what you’re doing and think about synthetic turf from 20 years ago. What comes to mind? Most people would immediately think of the old school, short pile, plastic feeling grass carpet from putt-putt and boat installs of the 70s. The turf was uncomfortable, if you ran your hand across it you got carpet burn. If you looked at it, you wrinkled your brow and shook your head. you definitely didn’t want to install that at your home or business.  People were scared that if their kids fell playing on it they would be covering them in bandages and Neosporin by the next day. The turf just wasn’t good and definitely not comparable to natural grass.

In today’s market, synthetic turf is manufactured for every application out there. Putting greens, lawns, pet facilities, sports, physical therapy, rooftops, and playgrounds to name just a few. Synthetic turf comes in all colors and textures. Now it’s soft to touch, kids and pets alike absolutely love it. It feels good and it looks good.

Currently almost half of all NFL stadiums are using synthetic turf. When utilizing synthetic turf for football fields, there is little to no maintenance needed throughout its lifespan compared to a grass field. Hose it down with a little water to clean it or brush it with a power broom to redistribute the infill and you are good to go. No mowing, weeding, or prep needed.

More and more businesses such as hotels, daycares, and restaurants are installing turf as well. The ease of maintenance and the look and feel of it just can’t be beaten. Companies like GrassTex are always working hard to provide products that fit every need. If you need help figuring out if synthetic turf is the right choice for you please call one of our knowledgeable account managers today. They would love to assist you and remember, this isn’t the same kind of synthetic turf your grandparents remember. Today’s turf is better.