Tigard Winsupply Helps Take Entertaining to the Next Level

This recent job from Tigard Winsupply was installed by Forest Landscape Inc. in Cornelius, Oregon. The customer was wanting a new backyard that they could use for entertaining guests and for their kids that would not only be functional, but also low maintenance. They had a 709 sq. ft. putting area installed, and the products used to create the green was Perfect Putt for the putting section and La Jolla for the fringe. The family also wanted an area for the kids and around the patio, so they used La Jolla for that as well. The kids and patio area is 30’x55’ which comes out to approx. 1,650 sq. ft.

Perfect Putt is great to use because it is designed to hold short chips while also providing you with a true roll! You can learn more about this product and get yourself a sample of it here.

La Jolla is a great product because it has the look and feel of a natural lawn. This product is good for many types of install. This product is used for landscapes, pet areas, fringes, and so many more! To learn more about this product and get yourself a sample of it, you check it out here.

One of the main things they wanted to accomplish with this install was they wanted a low maintenance year. With our synthetic turf you will have the low maintenance you are looking for. When it comes to maintaining your synthetic turf lawn there are only a few tools you need. To get large debris off of your lawn you can simply sweep it off or

use a leaf blower. The great thing about cleaning it as well is that the rain keeps it clean for the most part. If you have gone long periods without rain you can rinse it off with some water and it is good to go again. For those who have pets and are afraid of them using the bathroom on their turf, no need to fear! It will happen and it is okay because clean up is easy. Clean up the large pieces and then you can clean with a product carried by GrassTex called ProVet Logic. This is an amazing product that helps keep commercial and residential turf clean!

If you live in the area and would like to talk with Tigard Winsupply or Forest Landscape Inc. about a job you want completed you can go to their websites here: Tigard Winsupply: https://www.winsupplyinc.com/Location/Tigard-OR/97223/Irrigation-Supplies Forest Landscape Inc.: https://forestlandscapeinc.com/