Understanding the different options you have in choosing a putting surface

Although it might be a little confusing, here is the skinny on choosing your putting green surface. There are 2 basic options available: sand filled and non-sand filled greens. Both surfaces can be installed on a compacted aggregate base. The heavy sand infill greens will hold a ball from a longer distance; the non-infill products will not hold a ball from more than 30 feet.

Separate and away from these 2 types, there is a 3rd non-infill foam backed product. This is the one you will use for glue down projects. If you would like to consider a glue down product, you will have to pour concrete (or we can do that for you).

Of the 4500 golfing greens we install annually, 73% of these greens are on a compacted aggregate base, which offer a more authentic putting green feel than glued down greens.