Water Drainage Tips for Synthetic and Artificial Turf

The Fun Facts about water drainage in the synthetic and artificial turf world.

         GrassTex offers many products that have a drainage feature. Our products that provide drainage are going to be our landscaping, playground, and pet products. Many competitors also offer turf with drainage. However, their turf is woven like a sweater, making the water drain too fast. When water drains too quickly, it can cause damage to the base under the turf. GrassTex has developed a turf with a drainage rate of 30” per hour per square yard. The holes for drainage are every 3”x4”, which helps give a controlled flow. 

         Our synthetic turf products include an excellent drainage feature for pet areas. It not only drains water it also allows your pet’s urine to drain. Standing water can create mud puddles, yet drainage with artificial turf prevents a muddy playground, lawn, shoes, and paws. Investing in this helps avoid messes in the home on those rainy days as well!

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GrassTex’s Recommendations and Favorites   

         One of our recommended pet products is Pet Heaven. Pet Heaven is an excellent product because it not only has a drainage feature but is also designed to withstand lots of wear. This makes it ideal for places like dog parks, doggy daycares, pet friendly resturants & bars, and kennels! A fantastic product for playground use is Play Time. Along with the drainage, it has Charge Guard, which helps reduce static electricity. Charge Guard turf offers thatch which helps reduce the amount of infill needed and helps improve durability as well as safety! Ever wanted grass near your pool? Another area you could install with drainage turf would be the poolside. You can make your swimming pool stunning by adding some turf along the edge. As a plus, poolside turf will prevent any standing water from making the area muddy! 

         The product that you see in the video is one of our landscape products Catalina. This product is used in many different applications like fringe, pet areas, landscaping, and much more! If you would like to check out more artificial turf options with a drainage feature, you can contact one of our team members, and we can help you today!