Winter Turf Prep


FA LA LA LA LA Winter is here! What better way to welcome the festive season than with a beautiful lawn ready to be decorated with jolly Santas, dashing reindeer, and chilly snowmen. However before all that, make sure your lawn is in top shape and cared for the proper way.

Artificial turf is often chosen for its durability and low maintenance throughout the year, allowing for the same, consistent shade of green on your lawn no matter what the weather. Your synthetic grass will not require a ton of maintenance to look its best come spring, but you should take the following steps to make sure it is ready for the first snow.


Snow and Ice Removal

SNOW AND ICE ARE NOT HAMRFUL TO ARTIFICAL TURF and generally should be left to melt system without assistance. At times, however, it is necessary to remove snow or ice to make the designated area ready to be used for whatever use you may need it for. The working principle for removing snow is to reduce the likelihood of new snow buildup and will reduce the risk of ice from its cold winds whipping across a damp, newly cleared surface. Because ice removal is more difficult, the prevention of ice buildup is important.


  • If the snow is dry and powdery, it can be swept from the field using a rotary brush. Be careful that the machinery used is not set in such a way as to dig into the turf fabric.

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