Turf Grip PRIME Installation and Storage

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Turf Grip PRIME is a high viscosity polyurethane adhesive that is specially formulated to meet the stringent requirements of today’s multi-use synthetic surfaces. It is a solvent-free, single-component, moisture-cured structural adhesive designed to bond all types of synthetic turf, including; putting greens, athletic fields, lawns, airport safety zones, public greenways, and play areas.

Turf Grip PRIME is nonflammable, contains no solvents, bonds quickly and completely with moisture present in hot or cold weather conditions, and has a very low odor. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and can contribute to obtaining LEED® Credits.

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Oxco Seam Tape Application Instructions

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Oxco Seam Tape is made of a 5 oz/yd2 spunbond polyester with high tensile, tear and puncture strength. It is available in two forms, 1) one side coated or 2) uncoated. The coated seam tape has a very thin layer of film that provides vapor barrier to one side. The vapor barrier or coating prevents adhesive from bleeding through seam tape, but allows fiber web to become fully saturated to get maximum mechanical bonding with backing of synthetic turf. It also prevents contamination or negative influence from chemicals that may be in or on surface in which synthetic turf is … Read more »

Golf Green Installation Guide

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Preparing the site: Prepare base according to geographic location; north of the freeze line will require a deeper base (up to 4”) than south of the freeze line (2-4 in”). Use crusher run gravel topped with limestone screening (limestone dirt), smoothed to the desired contour. The layers of the crusher run gravel and limestone screening should be wet and compacted using a water filed roller or a compactor in order to obtain a more solid base. Compact to at least 75% (90% is preferred). A concrete slab can also be used and the carpet should be glued to the concrete.

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General Maintenace

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Sweep the carpeting frequently with a broom to remove surface soil, and hose down occasionally with water. Do not use a rotary brush machine.


Vacuum the grass like carpeting as you would any other type of carpeting to pick up surface soil.


Grass like carpeting of Polyloom is resistant to stains. However, splits do occur, and the resulting stains should be removed as soon as possible. In most cases, they can be removed with either detergent suds or a solvent-based cleaning agent. Follow the STAIN REMOVAL CHART for specifics.
Stain Removal Chart


Acid, Alcohol, Animal Urine, Alkali, Blood, … Read more »

Landscape Installation

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Scrape clean and kill all existing grass and remove any topsoil that could germinate seeds; If you have sod, remove 2-4 inches of existing sod and/or soil. If necessary remove any old shrubs and bring level of yard up so the water will drain away from the foundation. If desired, add French drains below the top base if you want to re-direct any water that drains through your turf. If you already have a sprinkler system, either cap it or leave intact. Leaving it intact will make it easy and convenient to wash your lawn for whatever purpose—be it to cool it down or rinse … Read more »

Understanding the different options you have in choosing a putting surface

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Although it might be a little confusing, here is the skinny on choosing your putting green surface. There are 2 basic options available: sand filled and non-sand filled greens. Both surfaces can be installed on a compacted aggregate base. The heavy sand infill greens will hold a ball from a longer distance; the non-infill products will not hold a ball from more than 30 feet.

Separate and away from these 2 types, there is a 3rd non-infill foam backed product. This is the one you will use for glue down projects. If you would like to consider a glue down product, you will … Read more »

Installing Putting Surfaces on Concrete

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Preparing the concrete floor:  Clean your underlying surface, removing any dirt, remaining adhesive or carpet.  Your local hardware store should be able to recommend a product that will dissolve any remaining adhesive or glue. Once cleaned, make sure the concrete is smooth and even.  If you have cracks or holes in the concrete, use a floor leveling compound, which should also be available from your local hardware supplier.  Be sure to allow the recommended time for the leveling compound to cure and dry.
Cutting holes in the floor: After leveling is complete, if placing ball cups in the floor you will need to make a … Read more »