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Let’s Talk Physical Therapy

The Ultimate in Comfort for Physical Therapy. PT Turf makes the transition easier and better than ever. Let’s start with a bit of background on Physical Therapy/Therapist and the necessity… [read more]

GrassTex Tech Tip 12 Deicer

Use caution when using a sidewalk deicer that contains chloride around your synthetic turf. Chloride has characteristics that breakdown the UV protection of the product. This could cause discoloration and a… [read more]

GrassTex is So Thankful

It has been a crazy year but we are so thankful. -Thankful for our business relationships -Thankful for the opportunity to help others -Thankful for a positive and uplifting environment… [read more]

GrassTex Tech Tip 11: Matting

Matting of fibers may occur in areas of high foot traffic, especially if fibers have become soiled with dirt and other airborne pollutants. Periodic “cross brushing” of the turf can… [read more]